January 21, 2015

Plawecki Responds to Snyder’s State of the State Address

Lawmaker calls for economic reforms benefiting working families

LANSING — State Representative Julie Plawecki (D-Dearborn Heights), in response to Governor Rick Snyder’s State of the State Address, said that the Legislature needs to focus on making Michigan’s economy work for everyone. Snyder addressed the looming budget deficit, caused by massive tax breaks and incentives to big corporations. Coupled with tax increases on seniors and working families, Michigan’s recovery lags behind the rest of the nation.

“I’m eager to work with Gov. Snyder and the Legislature on positive reforms that benefit all Michigan residents, not just a select few,” Plawecki said. “Restoring the middle class must be a priority as it builds a stronger foundation for our state.”

Snyder expressed his support for the proposal to raise money for road improvements, which comes in the form of a sales tax increase that must be approved by voters on the ballot in May. House Democrats backed the plan last term, which included restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit to its former level and increasing funding for schools.

“Residents deserve safe streets and bridges, as well as a quality education for their children,” Plawecki said. “Our state’s economy and businesses, large and small, also depend on a properly maintained infrastructure.”

Plawecki reiterated House Democrats’ priorities of working for everyday people on several issues. Education funding is still down after it was significantly cut in 2011, and legislation to better regulate for-profit charter schools was left to die. Legislative Republicans caved to special interest demands on women’s health care, making it harder for Michigan’s women to access the health services they need. And rather than continuing the failed approach of massive handouts to wealthy corporations, House Democrats want to increase support for entrepreneurs and the small businesses that truly drive our economy.

“The current policies and tax-breaks benefit those that are wealthy or well-connected,” Plawecki said. “Governor Snyder and the Legislature should prioritize families, students and seniors, not CEOs and special interests.”

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January 20, 2015

State Rep. Julie Plawecki Named to Key House Committees

Lawmaker to sit on Energy Policy, Natural Resources committees

January 14, 2015

State Rep. Julie Plawecki Takes Oath of Office at State Capitol

House District 11 representative sworn in as 98th Legislature begins


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